Five great slow Israeli songs that were released this year

1) Chanan Ben Ari - Wikipedia

Chanan Ben Ari is an Israeli superstar whose megahit "Hachayim Shelanu Tutim" was number one on Galgalatz (the Israeli version of Billboard) last year. Wikipedia is the third single off his upcoming second album, and is a slow-rock ballad that touches the cliche-theme of not stereotyping people in a rather unique fashion.

2)Noam Michael - Kemo Shir

Noam Michael is a singer/songwriter (who has written songs for, among others, the aforementioned Ben-Ari) who released his debut album this past March. Kemo Shir, the fourth song on the album, is a beautiful slow ballad that reflects on the yearning of life's dreams and on how often they fail to materialize.

3)Botzar - Pardes Rimonim

Botzar is an Israeli alternative rock star who has two albums under his belt, and Pardes Rimonim is the first single off his upcoming third album (tentatively titled Bayit). Pardes Rimonim is an alt-rock anthem to Botzar's daughter, in which he encourages her that her portion of life is for success, and that slowly slowly she'll find that her dreams will sprout, no matter how distant they seeem now.

4)Yonatan Razel - Poteach Lev

The title track of religous Israeli superstar Yonatan Razel, Poteach Lev is a slow reggae-style song that expresses that no prayer goes to waste and that no yearning is for naught.

5)Sarit Hadad - Aba Gadol

While Sarit Hadad is the only singer on this list who isn't overtly religous, that doesn't stop her from singing and composing beautiful songs of praise for her father in heaven. In the vein of her mega-mega-hit K'shehalev Boche (AKA Shema Yisrael - seriously, there aren't enough words to describe how huge that song was) Aba Gadol, off Sarit's latest album "Sarah Shara", is about Sarit's life as a young girl and on how she never lost faith, always relying on Hashem.