Yuval Sela releases Emunatcha Balaylot

Yuval Sela released second album Emunatcha Balaylot recently. Emunatcha Balaylot is a slow blues album and very unusual in its style, even for an Israeli artist. It is also much  more melancholic than his debut album, "Yamim Tovim". Ten Li Et Habluz, the fourth track on the album, is reflective of the musical change between albums.
You can buy Emunatcha Balaylot on Amazon.
Check it both albums on Jmusic.me:
Emunatcha Balaylot: https://jmusic.me/yuval-sela-emunatcha-balelot/?lang=en
Yamim Tovim: https://jmusic.me/yuval-sela-good-days/?lang=en
Listen to Emunatcha Balaylot, the title track on the album, below: