Shivi Keller releases new Album Et Ratzon after long hiatus (album mini-review)

Shivi Keller, one of Jewish Music's most underappreciated superstars, just released his fourth album May 28, his first album in years (sorry I don't have exact dates - they're hard to come buy for him, as he generally just sells based on word-of-mouth and by concerts). The album, entitled Et Ratzon, has ten tracks. Though the arrangements aren't the greatest, this CD more than makes up for it in innovative compositions and great tunes. In his songs, Shivi is known for juxtaposing interesting disparate pesukim to imply a deeper connection, which either leaves you smiling or scratching your head, wondering what you missed. The best track of that genre on this album is Ki Va Moed, which connects the words of 'Sheva Yipol Tzaddik' to 'Ki Va Moed', by which I think he's coming to imply that it's the time to stop the falling part of Yipol Tzaddik and to start the 'V'kam'. Two other early favorites are "Modeh Ani", with its fun rousing tune, and "Et Ratzon" with its African-style rap beats that transforms into Hishorerus (sounds weird but check it out).
Shivi's earlier hits were slower Israeli rock style songs, most noteably, Hayoshevet Baganim, the slow-ballad title track of his second album, and Lo Nirah, off that album as well, which was also featured on (and made famous by) an unofficial album against the expulsion of Gush Katif (aptly titled "Shirim Neged Hitnatkut Gush Katif")
You can buy "Et Ratzon", as well as Shivi's older albums on Bandcamp:
Check out "Et Ratzon" below: