Frum Jewish Death Metal!? Purged Inside shows that it can be done

If there's any musical genre that would seem incompatible with Jewish values, it would seem to be the nihilistic genre of Death Metal. But Purged Inside, (the successors to also-orthodox Death Metallers "October Crisis") show that it can be done - and done well. Purged Inside consists of Yitzie Bruck and Yakov Smith - who proudly self-define as Ultra-Orthodox - and they recently released their debut (self-titled) EP this past January, as well as a number of lyric videos before that. Now they are releasing the first single off a brand new upcoming EP "What Lies Ahead". The song is entitled "Bring Me Close" and Yitzie, the lead guitarist  and drum programmer (Yakov being the vocalist) says, "This one definitely has a more distinct religious metalcore sound that I've been aiming for." Among the lyrics are lines such as these, asking Hashem to relieve us from suffering:
"We will survive 
Dissected, Purged Inside 
Open the black box 
Bring me close "

(Interestingly, Purged Inside isn't even the first Orthodox death metal group - besides for their own predecessor group October Crisis, which covered Yeshivish classics such as Kol Hamispallel in death-metal fashion, there was also a Kahanistic band entitled Golgolot back in the '90s, which unabashedly featured lyrics about killing Arabs and gays. But Purged Inside is the first one I'm aware of that uses retrospective English death-metal lyrics from a frum, ultra-Orthodox point of view, singing, among other things, about getting close to Hashem and fighting the Yetzer Hara.).
All Purged Inside music is available for free download on their Bandcamp page (here). You can also get their predecessor band "October Crisis" music for free on their Bandcamp page (here)
Listen to the song below: