Daniel Greenwood of "Onah Hashem" fame returns with an all new band!

Daniel Greenwood (also known as Jewish Rock Greenwood) is a Jewish rocker of who I was only vaguely aware. I knew he had released an album called Onah Hashem many years ago (Amazon says 2010, but I'm positive it was released before that) of which I had received a pirated copy from a friend (sorry, Daniel) and enjoyed. Imagine my surprise when Daniel himself contacted me, saying he has a new band and he's releasing a new song and wanted me to feature it on my site! I of course agreed, and he sent me a press release which I enjoyed so much I didn't change a word (except for minor punctuation errors):

Daniel Greenwood and The Torah Jews are making Wav’s across Jewish Music Air Waves. The Band’s music is a combination of Contemporary Styles of Jewish Rock with Torah inspired lyrics.Their music “Rocks”.Their first CD Onah Hashem was produced by Yaakov Vladisavovitzky,One of the fastest growing names in Jewish Music.(Last week his name had only 9 letters).

Let me interrupt to say that this line was the funniest thing I've ever seen in a JM press release.

This is how Wigwam Radio Station in The UK describes their music: "Daniel Greenwood and The Torah Jews are an experimental alternative rock/funk band out of Ontario who play to their own slightly eccentric rules. Fronted by Daniel Greenwood(vocals/guitar), they are looking to go beyond conventional genre types and mash up all kinds of musical expression. His influences span all the way from Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, right through to Beethoven."
The act also features Brad Heatherly (drums), Yeruvim Krantsky (guitar) and Al Finter (bass) in a supporting capacity.
The Torah Jews have also released English songs that have been receiving internet radio play from a number of stations.You can listen and buy his music here https://danielgreenwoodandthetorahjews.bandcamp.com
and here: https://www.amazon.com/Onah-Hashem-Jewish-Rock-Greenwood/dp/B00435GN0O/
He has music on  http://www.frumtube.com/users/DanielGreenwood that has received over 19,000 listens.

The band just released a new song entitled "Gefilte Fishy Dishy" and can be listened to below:

Oh, and if you are an artist just like Daniel and want to featured on the site, email me at ThatsFrum@gmail.com.