Aryeh Naftaly rereleases Tohar as a free digital download

Aryeh Naftaly is most famous for being lead singer of  Jewish Grateful Dead cover band The Elevators (who just released Boker Tov, their third album). However, back in 2004 he released a solo album of original compistions entitled "Tohar".
Toharr, for the most part, stayed under the radar - but Yehuda Solomon of Moshav heard and liked it. Liked it so much, in fact, he decided to cover one of the songs off "Tohar" on one of Moshav's albums - and make it the title track! That song was Moshav's megahit "Malachim", off the album of the same name.
Now, Arye Naftaly has rereleased "Tohar", making the original of "Malachim", as well as his other songs, available for free download.
Check it the song Malachim below:

And here is Moshav's version: