Yaniv Ben Mashiach releases "Hashgacha Mehashamayim"

Israeli Superstar Yaniv Ben Mashiach will be releasing his latest album, Hashgacha Mehashamayim, this Lag Ba'omer. Yaniv is an Israeli religious music mainstay - he has previously released ten albums (seven studio and three live) and has been featured by secular Israeli superstars Lior Narkis and Moshe Peretz on tracks off their own albums. He has also sold out full-separate-seating concerts in Tel Aviv. Hashgacha Meihashamyim is his eleventh album, and features fourteen tracks, among them two previously released mega-hits: Mitpalel Kol Boker and Harosh Baananim.
Mitpalel Kol Boker was originally released in 2015, and Ben Mashiach often sang it along with Chaim Yisrael (another Israeli religious star).
Harosh Baananim, the albums other hit, was first released this past January to much controversy: The song and accompanying music video, which romanticizes casual drinking on weekends, was strongly criticized on the Israeli chareidi blogosphere as secular and inappropriate. One website even (falsely) accused "Ben-Mashiach as taking off his kippa". And Israeli radio station Kol Berama went so far as to ban all of Ben-Mashiach's songs from their airwaves.
All this of course resulted in Harosh Baananim becoming a giant hit: besides for hundreds of thousands of views for the song's music video, it was played by nearly every wedding featuring a DJ and it probably was the most-remixed religious song of the year (with every backyard DJ releasing one). It even enjoyed some success on this side of the Atlantic: It became a dark horse Yossi Zweig Top 9@9 selection, debuting at number 2, and staying on the list for many weeks.
Hashgacha Mehashamyim is already on Israel-Music (http://www.israel-music.com/yaniv_ben_mashiach/hashgacha_mehashamayim/) and should hit Spotify and Amazon in the next few days.
Watch Harosh Baananim below: