Nosson Zand drops new single "I'm So Different"

Nosson Zand, the Chassidic master rapper I like to call the Jewish Eminem (actually, I like to call Eminem the goyish Nosson Zand) just dropped a brand new single "I'm So Different". Coming on the heels of Nosson's latest EP Brick Windows (released February, check out CPR on that album), I'm So  Different picks up where the EP left off. If anyone complained that Brick Windows didn't stress Nosson's Jewish identity enough, I'm So Different puts to rest those complaints. A gangsta-rap style affirmation of Jewish pride (think of it of the rap version of Ivri Anochi), I'm So Different stresses why Nosson, although he can rap like the best, is different - while other rappers sing about girls, he sings about God, while other rappers live for nothing, he lives for a higher reason.
Nosson, you should be proud of I'm so different, because it's true, you are different.
Check out the song below:

Watch Nosson's Turn Up The Light off Brick Windows below: