Sammy K shocks with 'Kosher Kosher'

There's a plethora of Jewish rappers these days, but unfortunately, there's very few memorable ones, ones who make you go "Wait? That's Jewish?" However, Sammy K, a YU student, is one of those few. who is also an excellent rapper (good enough to rate well in the non-Jewish music world IMHO), just released a video that perfectly expresses the sentiment of our blog. In the video, a promotional for Sammy's latest single "Kosher Kosher", Sammy K approaches a bunch of guys in full Jew-dress and asks to rap for them. The guys, not expecting much, say sure. But Sammy surprises them, and the guys are like "What!? That's a Frum Jew!?"

Check the video out below:

Check out Kosher Kosher on spotify here: