Nissim Black Releases "Lemala"

Nissim Black, one of the few headliner Jewish rap stars who are actually starting to break into the mainstream, just released his third Jewish album "Lemala". The album features superstar Gad Elbaz on two songs: the uber-hit Hashem Melech 2.0 and on probable future hit V'tahar Libeinu. It also features songs with fellow rapper DeScribe, the album's producer, Yisroel Laub, and little-known singer Otzer
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The big hit of the album is called "A Million Years" and it has already received  "A Million Views".
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Nissim released two earlier Jewish albums, both in 2013.
Self-titled Nissim album's big hit was Live For Now and can be bought on Amazon.
Miracle Music is a free Mixtape available on Bandcamp.
Nissim has also released a number of high profile music videos and singles, including WeR1 (purchase here) and Yerushalayim (purchase here), and the A Capella single Falling Stars (ft. brother-in-law Yosef Brown, who composed nearly all the songs on all his albums).